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Performance features

  • Specification analysis, system design, and implementation with Rational Unified Process (industry standard for software development with Unified Modeling Language)
  • Wide range of programming languages (C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, SQL, JavaScript, VBScript), software technologies (WIN32, COM, SOAP, XML, .NET)
  • High-quality graphic design, professional setups, software training, and service

Server technologies

  • Scalable from a Windows computer to clusters with load balancing
  • Cost reductions through server components integrated into the operating system (transaction server, web server, data environment)

Database options

  • Oracle SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server (mission-critical Enterprise applications)
  • Sybase SQL Studio - award-winning database for mid-sized applications)
  • Microsoft Access Jet - operating system component for smaller applications

Middleware components

  • Microsoft Transaction server (COM+)
  • Microsoft Internet Information server or Apache web server
  • SOAP - Web Services

Network technologies

  • A variety of data transfer methods (Intranet, Internet, Wireless LAN, VPN, ISDN)
  • Diverse communications protocols (TCP-IP sockets, HTTP(S), FTP, SOAP)

Integration of components

  • Microsoft Component Object Model
  • Microsoft .NET Application Framework)

User interfaces

  • Windows desktop applications
  • Browser-based applications
  • Mobile applications

Hardware integration

  • A variety of output devices (touchscreen, plasma screens, mobile devices)
  • Connection to specific input devices (card readers, data capture devices, barcode readers, web and video cameras)
  • Secure browser technologies for public user access
  • Display of multimedia information sources

Sample applications

  • Internet client-server system for monitoring PC-based client systems (Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, COM+ Transaction environment, Microsoft Internet Information server, SOAP Web Services, browser-based management console)
  • Management system for scheduling more than 1000 automobiles (Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Oracle 8, COM+ Transaction environment, SOAP Web Services, browser-based workstation, dynamic inventory overview on plasma screens, data input via PDA)
  • Video mail, signpost systems, and many other applications for the public sector


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