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Your Problem:

You've already invested into software and infrastructure to automize your sales' process, but the solution isn't continuous. Too many interfaces cost valuable time and efficiency, when communicating with your customers.

Our Solution:

Analyze together with friendlyway the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructure. together we generate a target profile. friendlyway concentrates on optimizing existing infrastructures and establishing simplified user interfaces.

Your advantages:

Cost saving with minor investment.

The current customer quotation

BMW AG, Munich office:
„Correct, flexible, and reliable in the implementation. This is how best to describe the cooperation with friendlyway. A partner for innovative solutions with whom we will certainly implement further projects in the future.“

Kiosk applications must be "armed" for special challenges: They must be easy to understand. Studies have shown, that kiosk users invest only 5 seconds in understanding an application. This means that user guidance must be designed so that it is especially self-explanatory.

In more than 150 development projects, we have gathered profound experience in implementing self-service portals.

Your advantages:

  • Less complexity
  • Optimization for operation with touch-sensitive screen with clearly-discernible operating buttons
  • Continuous navigation enables content-spanning overview
  • Portal function enables simple control of the company media that can be called up
  • Integration of your company design under an interface

the functions:









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friendlyway HOTLINE @ +36-(1)-266-32-85

Among others, we have developed kiosk portals with specialized applications in customer designs for customers including BMW, SIXT, SAP, and ARD.

Of course we will be happy to work with your agency to implement a kiosk portal. Here, our expertise concerning the presentation of your company is completed by our experience when it comes to user friendliness.

Areas of application:

  • City portal
  • Company portal
  • Videomail portal
  • Trade fair and event portal
  • Pathfinder portal
  • Hospital portal
  • University portal
  • Foyer portal
  • Internet cafe portal

Contact us; we will be glad to custom-tailor a bid to suit your needs.



Suitable for every ISDN house system
The friendlyway porter can now be integrated into any ISDN house system. The system communicates as a so-called substation with the system.

Synchronization with LDAP
The friendlyway porter now also synchronizes itself with LDAP. Thus the contact partner data can still be maintained using LDAP. You won't have to make any extra effort and there is no double keeping of data.


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