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friendlyway composer 9

friendlyway composer 9

friendlyway composer 9 and friendlyway composer network services is an all-in-one software product which generates and manages multimedia and digital signage content for kiosks and public displays. The usage of popular file formats and enhanced usability allows an organization to implement modern displays technologies easy and quickly without additional IT and personnel effort.

friendlyway composer 9 covers requirements of a kiosk or display digital signage network, starting with easy content management and scheduling and ending with content distribution and monitoring of kiosks or player stations.

friendlyway @caster is a new unique software product which allows simple creation of high-quality content from animated digital signage templates and management of playlists from the web browser.

Key benefits of friendlyway composer 9

Key benefits of friendlyway composer 9 friendlyway composer 9 encapsulates support of varied media formats, animated content templates, management and scheduling of multimedia content, smooth playback of different media types on one display, one-click distribution and monitoring of content to kiosks or player stations.

Smallest effort and shortest learning curve on the market
Owing to use of the most popular media formats and a very intuitive MS Office-like user interface, composer 9 requires significantly less IT, programming and designer efforts in comparison with competitors' software packages.

Best price/performance ratio on the market
Using media formats widely offered by media agencies and reasonable network features, friendlyway composer 9 offers the optimal price/performance choice for organizations with regional departments or stores, which contact media agencies for production of advertising and drive the digital signage network from the central office with a minimum number of employees required.

Best playback quality for wide set of popular file formats
friendlyway composer 9 is the only software package on the market which offers high quality of playback for many combinations of various file formats. This distinguishes us from many competitors, who have to reduce the number and combinations of supported formats to reach acceptable quality of playback.

Scalability from one display system up to networks with thousands of displays
friendlyway composer 9 is scalable from one-display system managed on demand from within notebook up to thousands of kiosks or displays connected to the central management server.


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