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Content templates

Advertising spots in digital signage requires broadband visual quality and should be animated to catch the attention of the audience. The creation of high-quality content usually requires designer and animation developer skills.

friendlyway composer 9 offers a content template technology which allows the users to easily change the texts and pictures inside of high-quality templates, created by professional media agencies.

friendlyway software offers two ways to create spots from templates quickly, which are online creation of spots and playlists using friendlyway @caster or creation of spots using template albums directly in friendlyway composer 9.

Creation of advertising spots and management of playlist using friendlyway @caster

friendlyway @caster friendlyway @caster is an online application which allows creating playlists of spots from content templates and managing playlists. In case friendlyway @caster is used to create spots, it is not necessary to install friendlyway composer 9 on the workstation. It is enough to access the server, where the spot server is hosted from the web browser which has an internet or intranet connection.

This scenario is perfectly suitable for local departments or small businesses, which want to insert own local content spots in between of running composer presentation or create simple dynamic playlists from the available content templates.

Advertising spots created by friendlyway @caster will be automatically loaded by friendlyway player and used for playback. The player does not require permanent connection to the spot server as the spots will be preloaded locally during the time the connection is available.

Creation of advertising spots using friendlyway composer 9

friendlyway composer 9 Content templates can be used to create content spots directly in the friendlyway composer installed on the user workstation. The templates will be attached to the composer software as content albums containing the templates, specially created by local media agencies.

As the spots are created directly in the friendlyway composer, they can be combined with other media objects like videos, text crawlers etc. to create media-rich digital signage content.

Are you a composer user and want to use content templates to create high-quality advertising spots?

Your way to high-quality content templates

  • Contact your friendlyway reseller or friendlyway content partner directly to order your customized content templates for friendlyway @caster or friendlyway composer 9

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  • A friendlyway content partner which is a professional media agency will create for you the templates for friendlyway @caster or the template album for the composer
  • Once the templates are uploaded to friendlyway @caster or attached to friendlyway composer 9, you will be able to create high quality digital signage spots in seconds

Are you a friendlyway reseller and want to deliver high-quality content templates to satisfy your customers?

  • Please contact one of the friendlyway Content Partners in your area to order customized content templates for your customer.

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Are you a professional media agency looking for additional revenue or want to discover modern digital signage technologies?

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