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Interactive applications

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friendlyway secure browser is a kiosk web browser specially designed to allow the internet access to run your interactive web applications on kiosks installed in the public area.

Built on top of Microsoft Internet Explorer, friendlyway secure browser enables all modern web technologies on your kiosks like simple or complex web pages, script and multimedia, as well as customized navigation buttons and user defined appearance.

Features of friendlyway secure browser

Media formats
  • Full featured web browser – friendlyway secure browser is built using Microsoft Internet Explorer and supports all rendering features of the Internet Explorer
  • Desktop Protection – friendlyway secure browser prevents users from unauthorized access to operating system objects
  • User defined appearance – friendlyway secure browser is able to display or hide browser elements like address bar, scrollbars, toolbars depending on the application needs.
  • Intergration with digital signage – the software allows splitting the screen with friendlyway player or using friendlyway player as full featured digital signage screen saver
  • Support for Adobe and Microsoft Office Documents – the software offers robust and safe rendering of Adobe and Microsoft Office documents like PDF files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint files without giving the user access to the file system.

System requirements
System requirements
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Vista, 32 Bit, 256 MB Memory, 10 MB disk space


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