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friendlyway empire 22D

friendlyway empire 22D: The third dimension of success

Never before in the history of friendlyway AG has a new product concept become a bestseller as fast as the friendlyway empire. The friendlyway empire clearly offers the perfect combination of design, quality, and low price.

Due to the high sales success of the friendlyway empire, we have decided to go the third dimension with this product. Its elegant and spacious casing provides enough room for transaction modules, various printing systems, and even a color laser printer.

With the help of a handle, the entire inner workings can be backed out of the anti-vandalism casing using the silent embedded push-action system. Servicing the friendlyway empire involves simply installing replacement modules.

The 56cm 16:9 screen is extraordinarily large for a self-service system, and is thus very user-friendly, enabling applications to be operated with the touch of a finger.

Please get in touch with us directly for further details. We would be very happy to provide you with a quote for the friendlyway empire 22D.

outstanding kiosk design

elegant and spacious

elegant and spacious

friendly in practice touch screen kiosk


Dimensions #1


Dimensions #2

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Application areas of friendlyway empire 22D touch screen kiosk systems:

  • Internet terminal
  • Visitor greeting stations
  • Commercial signage
  • Office signage
  • Virtual receptionist solutions
  • Employee intranet access
  • Wayfinding system
  • Interior signage
  • Self service touch screen kiosk
  • Trade show kiosk
  • Information touch screen kiosk
  • Game stations for restaurants
  • Customer advice system
  • Video, photo, voicemail sending stations
  • Contact registration
  • Kiosk design for Internet cafes


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