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friendlyway welcome

friendlyway welcome: The elegant reception clerk

The most elegant way to welcome your guests. With the friendlyway welcome you will enthuse all those visitors who emphasize on an easy to use and extremely stylish visitor information and registration system.

This digital sign will charm any guest with it‘s bright and upright 32, 40 or 52 inch display even over long distances. The portrait format makes the system particularly suitable for split screens. On-screen presentations can be triggered and shut down via a proximity sensor. Inside the welcome, there is a powerful PC computer that ensures the flawless presentation of your content.

A vast variety of options offers superb flexibility for numerous applications.

outstanding kiosk design

friendlyway welcome 32/40/52
friendlyway welcome 32/40/52
friendlyway welcome 32/40/52
friendlyway welcome 32/40/52

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composer software

composer software

secure browser

secure browser

friendlyway HOTLINE @ +49-(0)89-959791-340

Application areas of friendlyway classic touch screen kiosk systems:

  • Digital signage
  • Visitor greeting
  • Commercial signage
  • Event notes
  • Hotel information system
  • Virtual receptionist solutions
  • Orientation system
  • Interior signage
  • Self service information
  • Trade show display
  • Interactive information for museums and exhibitions
  • Information touch screen kiosk


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