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intelligent solutions for friendly communication

Since 1998 friendlyway has set up the leading brands of the world, and, when it comes down to it, has gradually changed their customer communication from classic to digital „on the spot“ advertising.

This form of the intelligent „out-of-home“ customer communication is called digital signage.

friendlyway belongs to the pioneers with the most installations and updated projects in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

What is digital signage?

"Digital Signage"„Digital signage“ describes the broadcast of digital media content, to advertising and information systems, reaching specifically targeted focus groups in „out of home“ areas, such as airports, train stations, bus stops, hotels, restaurant chains, pharmacies, petrol stations, museums etc. as well as in retail – as Point of Sale - over electronic placards (digital signs).

not just stationary, mobile as well with friendlyway, via mobile phones.

Mobile marketing is seamlessly integrated with the digital signage solutions from friendlyway, as interactive forms of advertising in the media-mix. Through this, stationary communication channels will be expanded via mobile dialogue marketing over mobile phones.

The advertisers reaches their target group directly over mobile telephones and without waste coverage:
friendlyway handles and administrates personalised content on mobile terminals, public kiosks and digital advertising spots

The market for digital signage is experiencing a rapid growth through the reconfiguration of the complete „out of home“ advertising landscape and new digital media advertisement possibilities at the POS.

Brand manufacturers increasingly want to inform their customers, up to the point of the decision to purchase, about the product’s advantages and put them on display, directly advertising on the Point Of Sale. Through this, the final purchase will be achieved. In projects, friendlyway can demonstrate the strong increase of the sales performance in triple digit percentages.

The out-of-home advertising market is listed worldwide, next to the online advertising market, as the biggest growth rate and occupies an increasing percentage of the „advertising pie“.

With the increasing circulation of possiblities, demand for the system, software and services of digital signage providers is also increasing.

As a unique company, friendlyway AG can offer all services from one source.

Consequently, our customers benefit from friendlyway’s extensive know-how in the range of services
  • Advertising and media services (stationary and mobile)

  • Network management and content service

  • Technology

friendlyway is in a position to control and monitor worldwide networks of screens, and, provide them with localised and personalised contents.

Cooperation with site operators, media companies and marketing companies, makes it possible to reach the exact targeted public, with personalised and localised content.

On stationary „digital signs“, as well as on mobile units such as mobile phones and PDA’s.

What advantages does the use of the friendlyway services offer?

Efficent and Exact
Digital content can be modified very efficiently, with precision and can be remotely time-controlled. Through this, the use of the friendlyway services offers the user an excellent ROI – in comparison to using conventional and classic advertising.

Advertising messages can be changed practically every second, without further structure costs. Thus, an essential number of web content can be marketed, per second.

Fully automised
Over an automated web platform, friendlyway offers the possibilty of having an easy connection of content and advertising in the applicable location and each with a clearly defined target group. This service is essential for advertisers to utilise the advantages of localised content, as well as personalised advertising messages (mobile like stationary).

friendlyway monitors and updates digital ad-screens worldwide, which are fully automated or activated at the push of a button with the friendlyway remote management system and so makes sure that the right message is broadcast, at the right time, in the correct place.

Last but not least, marketers worldwide generate relevant media confirmation over the friendlyway service report, for their account and offer the advertiser added value, by using the fully automated rate analysis from friendlyway.

friendlyway Technology
The friendlyway technology is the backbone of numerous, successful international projects. The technology comprises of the attractive digital signage system, which is adopted by the „leading brands of the world“.

The friendlyway digital signage software is deemed to be the best and most user-friendly in the worldwide digital signage market.

friendyway customers are becoming yet more successful

  • friendlyway customers achieve very high visability against their competitors.
  • friendlyway customers communicate relevant, target group specific information, in real-time
  • friendlyway customers enjoy a premium ROI through low maintenance costs and multiple advertising
  • friendlyway customers benefit from advertising, without waste coverage, on the Point of Sale, directly to the point of the decision to purchase.
  • friendlyway customers operate active brand establishment
  • friendlyway customers interact with their target group through „interactive“ digital signage and through the integration of mobile units (cellular phones, PDAs)
  • friendlyway customers have more transparency on their clients behaviour , through the connection of friendlyway’s technology with their customer loyalty system

friendlyway AG offers its service and products in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Incidentally: According to a customer survey of over 200 friendlyway customers, 98% of all friendlyway customers are satisfied, very satisfied or impressed with the success of the use of friendlyway’s systems.
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